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SPN mid-season finale

I gather this one wasn't especially well received, but I liked it. Six good ones in a row as far as I'm concerned!

Ten reasons I enjoyed 10x09:

1. It answered the question of what happened to Jimmy Novak and his family. I always give bonus points for meaningful call-backs to earlier seasons. That question has been floating around for a long time.

2. Claire saying "You want to talk to me about wrong?", and Castiel saying he knew Claire prayed to him, were genuinely moving.

3. Dean laughing so hard at the Three Stooges clip was odd (just what state of mind is he in?), but still fun to watch. How many times in 9 1/2 years have we seen him laugh like that?

4. The domestic moment with food when Sam brought Dean the toasted sandwich.


5. The Dean & Cas heart-to-heart, especially:

Dean: Cas, listen to me. Some stuff you just got to let go. The people you let down, the ones you can't save... You got to forget about them, for your own good.

Cas: Is that what you do?

Dean: It's the opposite of what I do.

6. Cas seeing easily through Dean's claim to be fine, great, and Dean dropping the pretence immediately: "If I do go darkside, you got to take me out. ... And don't let Sam get in the way, because he'll try."

7. Cas: What about you? Did you love your father?

Dean: With everything I had.

8. The image of the guy with the safety pin through his nose in the New York bar where Dean got drunk for the first time saying "Sorry, sir" to John Winchester.

9. Sam should have gone back right away to see what the problem was when Dean didn't follow him out of Randy's house, but given that he didn't:

Sam's face (bad haircut notwithstanding) when the sound of all hell breaking loose comes from the house.


10. Sam holding Dean's face as they knelt among the carnage, and the way they both looked away and down at the end.




Dean has always liked to eat, but there's so much eating in this one (the toasted sandwich at the bunker, the two hamburgers during his conversation with Castiel, something from the Wiener Hut while Sam and Castiel were waiting for Dustin) that I assume we're supposed to read into it that the Mark has positively affected his appetite or ability to enjoy things, at the same time it's making him hunger to kill.

I wouldn't be in a hurry to rewatch the Claire, Rowena or Crowley parts again, but appreciated the Castiel-Claire storyline for one viewing, and really enjoyed the (admittedly short) Sam and Dean parts. There was enough drama in the ending to hold my interest over the hiatus. For me it was more moving than Dean's death at the end of last season.
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