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White Collar finale

Comments posted to mainstream reviews suggest most people realised right away that Neal faked his death, but I believed he was really dead. (In my defense, I was totally unspoiled and operating on 4 hours of sleep.) I took a big intake of breath when they uncovered his body in the hospital, and started to cry later when Peter saw visions of Neal in the office and reminisced with Mozzie about him.

That was all very sad of course, but I would have been happier with that option than what turned out to be the case. Grieving for someone you really care about is such a painful experience that I hate to think Neal deliberately put Peter through it. Mozzie also, if he wasn't in on the plan initially – I'm now not clear whether his very moving performance in the hospital was an act or not. It looked genuine.

I guess if Neal had told Peter what he was planning, Peter couldn't have let him disappear without going after him right away. Even now, isn't Peter duty-bound to do something about the missing money?

I realise Neal's options were somewhat limited given the danger he was in from the Panthers, but he chose freedom and money over his relationship with Peter, which certainly isn't the ending I would have liked to see. Rationalising by saying he was protecting Peter by making Peter believe he was dead doesn't make sense to me, since Peter is a good undercover agent and could have acted the part of a grieving friend (if he chose to do that rather than immediately hunting Neal down to recover the money!).

Neal saying "You're my best friend" to Peter should have been an emotional high and instead it struck a wrong note with me because I read it as a slap in the face to Mozzie. Season 6 highlighted just how much Mozzie depends on Neal and how much he does for him, gave us many scenes of them spending time together, and explicitly spelled out in episode 4 that Neal is Mozzie's best friend. Neal could have said to Peter "You mean so much to me" or "I love you" or something along those lines that didn't set up a harsh contrast between Neal's friend status with Mozzie and Mozzie's with Neal. What he actually said seemed a slightly mean and crude way for the show to tell us how important Peter was to Neal.

Other things:

I liked the plot. Sucking all that cash through pipes was fun, especially with the diversion of some of it to Mozzie!

Did not like AT ALL Peter getting involved undercover, after Woodford killed one of his own men. There's no way Peter or Neal could have had any certainty about Peter's safety. Peter and Neal both treated El with total disregard there.

Did not like Peter and El naming their son after Neal, though I probably wouldn't have liked them naming him something else either. Recycling a name means that name will eventually come to mean the new person more than the old person, and I don't want Peter's thoughts when he hears the name Neal to be of someone other than Neal Caffrey!

Did not like the blue icing on the cake or the blue and pink baby bibs.

During the season I've enjoyed Mozzie calling Peter "Peter" in important moments and reverting to "Suit" the rest of the time.

If I was a casual viewer rather than a Neal/Peter fan, I might have thought it was a pretty good finale. It seems to be getting good reviews and feedback on mainstream sites.
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