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China: Dragons and Temeraire

I was conscious of China being Temeraire's country of origin and I'm sure that added some extra enjoyment to my trip.

I wish I'd started taking dragon pictures earlier, but here are two from my last day in Xi'an.

The first is in the Shaanxi History Museum and is from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - AD 907):

Gold dragon in Xian museum

This one is on a street lamppost:

Dragon on lamppost in Xian

According to Wikipedia, there are examples of Chinese dragons dating back to 1600BC.

A rec from some Temeraire fanfic reading I did while I was away: Sixteen by quigonejinn, a very short (900 word) story about the first harnessing of Longwings.

The final Temeraire book is apparently still being written and no release date has been set.
Tags: books, china, recs: fanfic
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