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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I mostly enjoyed it while watching, but I think I'm underwhelmed. I wanted more information on how the First Order came to be, rather than just accepting that there's always a Big Bad in the galaxy, and I find the "I know there's good in him" refrain tedious. Rey must be a pretty slow learner if she waited so long for people she can probably barely remember to return. I hope Luke was doing a bit more than just hiding all those years (though I guess that's exactly what Yoda and Obi-Wan did after the defeat of the Jedi).

My favourite Star Wars relationship is Han and Chewbacca, so I was sorry to see it come to an end! On the positive side, it was nice to learn that they had many more years roaming the galaxy together after Return of the Jedi.

My single biggest complaint was that Leia embraced Rey after Han's death, not Chewie. Rey had only just met him!

I thought Rey was very well cast and it will be very interesting to learn exactly who she is. It was also interesting to learn more about Stormtroopers. The moment when Poe gave Finn his name was poignant – imagine going though life with only a number, even to your friends!

Funniest line: "The droid... stole a freighter?"

Best thing: the pop-up bread that Rey cooked in her tent.

ETA: I also thought this film made using the Force look too easy, though I have the same issue with the original. In A Phantom Menace, becoming a Jedi is a long process involving starting very young and training for years, if not decades. Luke manages it with a few personal training sessions with Obi-Wan and Yoda (I'm not clear on exactly how long he spent with Yoda). Rey can do all sorts of things with no training at all. I guess I have to handwave that Luke and Rey are exceptionally strong in the Force.

ETA2: I think I reacted more positively to BB-8 because I have a dog now, than I would have otherwise. When it rolled into position to be lifted up into Poe's fighter, I thought "That's just like Luna coming to sit next to me in Heel!"
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